Officers fulfill promise to dying colleague, escort his son to school

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Officers Fulfill Promise To Dying Colleague

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Washington County boy had a special escort to school on his first day of kindergarten at California Elementary School.

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This is a picture of Mark Costello Jr. and officers who used to work with his father, Mark Costello, who died from non-smoker’s lung cancer in 2015.

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Before his death, Costello confided in a few officers that he wanted them to oversee milestones in his son's life since he wouldn't be there.

Escorting him to school Wednesday were:

  • Officer Jeffrey, of the California University Police Department
  • Officers Sheehan, Findley and Vandivner, of the California Borough Police Department
  • Officer Harris, of the city of Monongahela Police Department
  • Officer Childs, from the University of Pittsburgh Police Department
  • Officer Dorcon, of the Resa Regional Police Department

"I am beyond thankful for their support on such a difficult day and our son was thrilled to have the thin blue line family walking him to class," said the boy's mom, Beth Costello, in an email to WPXI.

Mark Costello was an officer with California University of Pennsylvania and the California Borough.

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