Waze traffic app includes feature to remind parents of children are in car

A feature in the popular Waze traffic app could prevent future tragedies like one in Georgia last year.

Twins Ariel Roxanne North and Alaynah Maryanne North, 15 months old, were found dead after they were accidentally left in a hot car in August.

Waze has a feature on its app called Child Reminder, where users can opt in to receive an alert at the end of each trip that says, "Check your car before you leave."

The reminder, although designed for children, also can be used for pets, Waze said in a blog post.

To turn on the alert, download the Waze app for Android or iPhone, then open the app and go to Menu, then Settings, then General and select Child Reminder. Finally, turn on Allow Reminders.

The alerts can be customized within the app to include children's or pets' names.

"We hope this feature serves as a reminder to be present and remember any little ones who cannot speak up when it's time to get out of the car," Waze said in the blog post.

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