Troopers: 8-month-old in improperly buckled car seat killed in crash



The North Carolina Highway Patrol said charges likely will be filed against a Forest City woman after her 8-month-old son was killed in a rollover crash in Cleveland County early Wednesday morning.

Troopers said the wreck happened around 1 a.m. just outside of Mooresboro.

Investigators said Johnna Cameron, 24, was driving her Honda Accord with her infant son strapped into a car seat behind her.

Troopers said Cameron entered a curve too fast, crossed the center line, pulled the steering wheel back to change direction, and the car hit an embankment, rolling several times.

The child, still in his car seat, was thrown from the Honda and later died at the hospital, troopers said.

Troopers said the boy was strapped into his car seat but that it was not buckled into the vehicle.

The mother was able to crawl out of the badly damaged car and picked up her child, running to the closest house looking for help.

Gared Hughes heard the crash and moments later heard Johnna Cameron crying for help as she made her way to his front door.

"The young lady was very frantic. She was very upset," said Hughes, who called 911.

“I could tell right away that something was very wrong, and I was just starting to pray to the Lord to ask Him for guidance and help however we could help in the situation,” he said.

Cameron was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, troopers said.

The Highway Patrol said it expects Cameron will face charges once the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office reviews the case.

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