Two homeless men rescue unconscious driver from burning car

Two homeless men in California pulled an unconscious driver from a burning car.
Two homeless men in California pulled an unconscious driver from a burning car.

Credit: helicopterjeff/Pixabay

Credit: helicopterjeff/Pixabay

Two California men living in a homeless camp acted swiftly to save a driver whose vehicle was involved in an accident with a truck, KSBW reported.

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On Tuesday, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle in Santa Cruz and slammed into a car, the television station reported. The small sedan was pushed 150 yards down the road and was stuck to the truck's bumper, KSBW reported. It hit several cars before bursting into flames, rendering the driver unconscious, the television station reported.

Robert Woodlief and John Thompson saw the accident and immediately sprang into action.

"We heard the explosion. A big boom," said Woodlief told KSBW.

"It sounded like someone dropping giant shipping containers," Thompson told the television station.

As flames intensified, the two men used a box cutter and pocket knife to cut the unconscious driver's seat belt and pull him to safety, KSBW reported.

"It caught my hair on fire and that's when I had to fall to the ground and roll two or three times and then John ran into the car and proceeded to cut," Woodlief told the television station.

"I had to basically stop thinking about the flames. I was thinking about anything,” Thompson said. “My focus was on what I was doing and I cut the belt."

The driver of the sedan remains in critical condition, KSWB reported.