Victor’s Taco Shop owner insists he’s not stalking Taco Bell

The co-owner of the fastest-growing taco chain in the Dayton area says it’s a “coincidence” that most of his new restaurants are within a stone’s throw of the nation’s largest taco chain, Taco Bell.

"We don't target Taco Bell," Hector Gonzales, co-owner of Victor's Taco Shop. "It has just worked out that way."

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Victor’s opened its fourth Dayton-area location last month at 6418 Chambersburg Road in Huber Heights — directly across the street from a Taco Bell. It also operates restaurants on Keowee Street in Dayton (next door to a Taco Bell), on West Main Street in Xenia (two blocks from a Taco Bell), and on North Broad Street in Fairborn (a whopping seven blocks from a Taco Bell).

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Victor’s Taco Shop’s first two locations were in Marion and the city of Delaware in central Ohio. Its menu — which is much larger than Taco Bell’s — features a variety of Mexican specialties, including tacos, enchiladas, burritos, taquitos and tostadas, as well as omelets and breakfast burritos. Taco meat and burrito choices that include Carne Asada (sliced beef), Carnitas (pork), Adobada (marinated pork), breaded fish, shrimp, and grilled chicken.

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The first three Dayton-area Victor’s locations opened in former Rally’s restaurants, all of which had been vacant for several years. All three are drive-through and walk-up service only, with no seating. But the most recent Huber Heights Victor’s offers counter service, seating for about 35, but has no drive-through, Gonzales said.

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The ideal Victor’s, Gonzales said, will have both inside seating and a drive-through. But he’s not looking with any urgency at the moment.

“We want to concentrate on the four we have now,” Gonzales said. “Eventually, we do plan to add Dayton-area locations, but we may look at Lima next.”

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