VIDEO: Oakwood house to dispense Halloween candy through chute

A few years ago, someone told Courtney Deutsch the family who previously owned her family’s Oakwood house used to dispense candy on Halloween via a chute from the second story.

The COVID-19 pandemic revitalized the idea this year, with kids needing to socially distance while they go trick-or-treating.

"The idea was planted several years ago, and it seemed like the right time to do it,” Deutsch said.

On Halloween, thousands of Dayton-area children are expected to participate in Beggars Night. Oakwood’s trick-or-treat night is from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday.

Deutsch said she used drainage pipe from Home Depot to construct the chute, which runs from a second-story bedroom window to her family’s driveway. She plans to have a basket at the bottom of the chute for the candy, or have kids put their baskets under the bottom of the chute.

Deutsch said she lives in a part of Oakwood that usually gets hundreds of trick-or-treaters, but she’s not sure how many people will be out this year due to the pandemic.

She’s considering doing the chute again next year.

“If it’s popular, we might do it again,” she said.

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