Walmart gave more than $200 million in bonuses, with more than $6.3 in Ohio. STAFF PHOTO / HOLLY SHIVELY

Walmart paid Dayton-area workers nearly a million in bonuses. Here’s why

Dayton-area Walmart associates took home more than $746,000 in bonuses earlier this month after Walmart had one of its best quarters in nearly 10 years, the company said.

While other retailers are struggling to keep up as Amazon disrupts several industries, Walmart’s second quarter same-store sales increase of 4.5 percent led to 915,000 Walmart associates earning more than $200 million in cash bonuses nationwide.

Ohio associates took home more than $6.3 million of the store performance-based bonuses, according to the release.

Walmart gives the bonuses every quarter, but the $746,000 Dayton-area employees received this month was more than $200,000 more than the $528,000 employees received in March 2017, the last time the company announced bonus amounts.

“We’re working in a new world of retail where change happens quickly, and we are proud how Walmart associates are leading the industry in utilizing new innovations to ensure our customers have the best shopping experience possible,” said Dann Moore, Walmart regional general manager for Northwest, Central and Southern Ohio.

In January, Walmart also announced plans to increase starting wages and expand parental leave benefits for associates.

There are more than 51,000 Walmart and Sams Club employees in Ohio and 38 Walmart stores in the greater Dayton area, according to the company.