Rockstar Pro Arena productions rival the network shows

Rockstar Pro Wrestling in Dayton is gaining international attention -- here’s how you can see a live show

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“I came to Dayton because this is one of the stateside meccas of wrestling,” Nicole said before her performance here during a weekly Wednesday night show. “I came to Ohio for Rockstar to put my hat in for consideration for the wrestling legacy here.”

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Rockstar Pro Arena is located in an old parts warehouse at 1106 E. Third St. in Dayton. The venue is a training facility for aspiring pro wrestlers, a concert hall and the Rockstar Pro Wrestling TV production studio, according to owner Chadwick Parker

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“Rockstar is a professional product that can get wrestlers ready for TV,” Parker said.

“We’re running just under 100 shows a year, so we’re really able to go in depth with our story line and take our time with a character,” he said. “Dave Crist is our trainer. His brother Jake Crist books and writes the shows.” 

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In addition to their own online network,, Parker also revealed that Rockstar Pro will soon be offered on Amazon Prime. 

“I feel the future is apps, other than a cable provider. Going onto Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, those big boys, that’s where they’re going to allow small companies like us. I never wanted Rockstar to be Coke or Pepsi. I want Rockstar to be the Jones Soda of wrestling. When you look for independents, we are the independent.”

“I feel Rockstar is a living entity. It is its own thing. Nobody can really contain it,” Parker said.

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Wednesday nights are the weekly shows, and on the first Friday of each month Rockstar hosts a live pay-per-view show. The Friday night April show has been moved to April 13. 

For most shows, doors open at 7 p.m. and the action starts at 7:30 p.m. For ticket prices and more information, visit