WATCH: These unusual old aircraft were flying over the area for a unique weekend event

The skies over the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force will include the sound of radial engines and the whistling of wind through wing wires as World War I replica aircraft participate in the Dawn Patrol Rendezvous this weekend.

This year’s event includes the dedication of a new WWI Aviators monument in the Museum’s Memorial Park today. The League of WWI Aviation Historians is leading the dedication which is part of the national WWI Centennial activities.

Planes arrive at the base on Thursday afternoon and landed in a grass field.

On Saturday and Sunday, authentic and replica WWI aircraft will fly daily (weather permitting) over the runway behind the museum. This is the 11th time the museum and The Great War Aeroplanes Association have partnered to offer this event which takes place every other year.

WWI living history re-enactors in a war encampment area, radio-controlled model aircraft, period vehicles, music and a collector’s show of WWI era items. The event will include guest speakers on WWI topics as well as many family hands-on and educational activities.

This year marks the last centennial year of World War I and more than a dozen aircraft are on the museum’s flying list for the weekend including: Curtiss JN4 Jenny, Fokker DR-1, Fokker DVII, Junkers CL1, Nieuport 11, Nieuport 12, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 23, Nieuport C-1, German Bowers Junkers CL1, SE5, SE5A, Siemens Schuckert, Sopwith Pup, Sopwith Schneider and SPAD XIII.

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