Week-long ReviveSpringfield prayer event offers comfort to locals

Springfield and Clark County are in the midst of a weeklong prayer event that will see more than 2 dozen local churches unite to comfort and help residents deal with the negative effects and challenges of the last two-plus years.

ReviveSpringfield is an event happening daily through Friday, Aug. 12 at host church High Street Church of the Nazarene, 1625 E. High St. in Springfield, and at various other church locations throughout the week. It starts with a prayer time for participants at 7:30 a.m. each day, runs throughout the day and culminates with a 6:30 p.m. celebration rally each night at High Street Naz.

In between, multiple four-person teams will be circulating in the community in the morning and afternoon seeking to give comfort to and hold prayer with anyone who would like it.

Nonprofit ReviveOhio has been helping a local team of pastors and faith leaders plan and prepare for the event for about two years. Previous ReviveOhio prayer events have been conducted in Champaign, Darke, Greene, Miami, Logan and Montgomery counties. Springfield/Clark County will be its 16th event and will mark the sixth anniversary of the group.

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“Our main goal is to equip and empower the church to better love, listen, discern and respond to folks in their community,” said Mark Burd, ReviveOhio’s state chairman. “Our message is if the big C church has humility, unity and a hunger for God then they will impact their community. We want to bring hope to the hopeless, we want to bring peace to the troubled, we want to bring healing to the broken. We do that by loving, caring and praying for them.”

Burd estimated about 40 people will be coming to Springfield from as far as South Carolina, Georgia, Michigan and Indiana to help, with local folks housing them. Another 20-25 will come from closer counties.

“We will not just be loving those who need love, but doing it through the church,” Burd said.

A local nonprofit created by former longtime Fellowship Christian Church pastor Grant Edwards will be lending its discipleship expertise to this event to provide caring follow-up to those requesting it.

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“God’s later-day agenda is revival,” said Edwards, who founded and pastored Fellowship for 49 years before retiring and moving full-time into the Discipling Another ministry. “We’re an international ministry that excited to be involved on a local level. Our objective is those who decide to follow Jesus as a lifestyle will have someone to walk with them while they develop a foundation for their faith.”

Local churches have embraced the event with open arms.

“I’m overwhelmed and very grateful that this many churches are coming together to try to make a difference in our city, because we know only Jesus can make that difference,” said Marty Dennis, ReviveSpringfield chairman and High Street Naz pastor. “I’m overjoyed with how God put our core leadership team together using so many talented people. There’s no way we could have orchestrated this on our own. We are the church of Springfield, and I’m grateful that we have so many campuses.”

Dennis added that he is expecting many life-changing experiences. “It is what Jesus does with efforts like this,” he added. But prayer is the key.

“It boils down this this, that we consider Jesus to be our model and He proved through His life that prayer made a big difference,” said Burd. “Because of that, we feel this is the best way to love our neighbors.”

Those who need prayer or want more information on how to participate may call 850-738-4831 or visit reviveoh.com.

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