Family writes obituary for beloved chicken named ‘Big Mama’

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

The Sword family readily admits that not every chicken deserves an obituary, but Big Mama was special.

Big Mama, a Rhode Island Red chicken, once lived in a Houston apartment until her original owners decided to have her euthanized, The Eagle reported. A veterinarian intervened, and the chicken was put up for adoption. The Swords adopted Big Mama in 2013, after falling in love with a photo of the year-old chicken checking out its reflection in a mirror.

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The family slowly acclimated Big Mama to a more natural outdoor life with a flock of free-range chickens on their College Station property. Stephanie Sword told The Eagle that Big Mama maintained a few quirks from her indoor living years, such as refusing to go into the coop at times and trying to come inside the house. In bad weather, Big Mama could be seen taking refuge on patio furniture, Sword said.

The chicken quickly became a beloved member of the family, and even appeared in the family Christmas card last year. The Sword family was devastated when they found her dead in her coop last week, The Eagle reported. The family wanted to honor her and those who saved her from euthanasia by telling her story in an obituary, which was published in The Eagle on Tuesday.

Big Mama is survived by the Sword family and her flock: Bubbles, Runt, Ms. S, Funky, Lucky and Blondie.

Big Mama also received a musical tribute.

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