Store clerk calls 911 to report loitering pot-bellied pig

A store clerk in Texas called 911 Wednesday morning to report a stubborn customer who refused to leave the premises.

The loiterer wasn't afraid to throw its ample weight around, the Stripes clerk said, referring to the pot-bellied pig in the store's parking lot as, "bacon on the hoof." The pig appeared around 3 a.m. and was following customers around the parking lot, according to KRIS-TV.

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Corpus Christi Animal Control isn't sure how the pig ended up in the parking lot, but it took several officers to get the pig loaded onto a truck, according to KRIS-TV. The pig, named Piggy Wiggy, is in decent shape, but is being treated for a skin rash.

Animal control told KRIS-TV that they will look for the pig's owner but if no one claims her, Piggy Wiggy will be adopted or go to a rescue shelter.