When does the Troll Pub plan to start building in Oregon District?

If all goes as planned, a troll’s Oregon District home will be serving beer cheese before you know it.

Ben Barker, general manager and a co-owner of Louisville-based Troll Pub Under the Bridge, said construction will hopefully begin on the Dayton location by the end of the year or the beginning of 2017.

"We are designing the restaurant right now with our architect," he said. "We are really kind of waiting for the developer to get the building down to the shell to get the building ready for us to come in."

Troll Pub Under the Bridge hopes to begin construction on its Dayton location by the end of the year. Photo / Amelia Robinson 

As Dayton.com's Mark Fisher reported in April, Troll Pub plans to open a 250-seat bar and restaurant in the vacant Weustoff and Getz Co. building, 210 Wayne Ave., as part of the effort to extend the Oregon District.

The 6,500-square-foot Dayton pub is expected to employ about 45 workers.  

The food, including the restaurant signature beer cheese and beer cheese burger, will be the same as what is sold in Louisville.

Beer cheese is a top-seller at Troll Pub Under the Bridge. It is featured on one of the restaurant's signature burgers. Photo source: Troll Pub Under the Bridge.

"We sell enough beer cheese here to keep the doors open," Barker said.

Louisville-based developer City Properties Group has said it will convert the Weustoff and Getz Co. building into about 40 loft-style apartments. As many as three commercial tenants would be on the ground floor.

City Properties Group owner Bill Weyland and Bob Means, owner of the Troll Pub, are friends.  

The Dayton restaurant will be Troll Pub's second.

"The goal for this company is to grow a few corporate stores and eventually have franchises," Barker said. "We are looking forward to getting started."

He said it will have the same tavern look as the Troll Pub located in downtown Lousiville at 150 W Washington St.

Troll Pub Under the Bridge hopes to begin construction on its Dayton location by the end of the year. Photo / Amelia Robinson 

The business also plans to have a similar collegial relationship with its Dayton neighbors as it does with neighboring businesses in Louisville, Barker said.

"We can add something to the area the Oregon District. We are not going in there trying to kick anybody's butts," he said. "We are going in there to add to the community. It is going to draw more people from the surrounding areas to that specific location."

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