Is it too early for Christmas music? Area radio station explains it’s not skipping Thanksgiving

Halloween was Monday but that hasn’t stopped at least one area radio station from already turning up its holiday tunes.

STAR 93.3, an FM Cincinnati christian radio station, started playing Christmas music on the air just hours after Halloween was over on Nov. 1. The music is being played 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be streamed on the station’s website.

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The station’s director of programming posted a letter to listeners on explaining why the station had already started playing Christmas music.

“For us, it’s simple. We believe Christmas is the most joyful time of the year!…We don’t think it’s ever too early to celebrate that!” program director Jeff Evans wrote in the letter.

Evans also went on to address concerns about whether Thanksgiving will be glossed over since it’s still a few weeks away while Christmas is nearly two months away.

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In his letter, Evans joked that “it’s not written anywhere that Christmas music can only start after Thanksgiving.”

“While we are talking about Thanksgiving, are we just skipping right over Thanksgiving? We believe it’s just the opposite,” Evans wrote. “We’re never more thankful than we are during this time of year. After all, the holiday season includes Thanksgiving.”

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