Why a woman in France bought doughnuts for Middletown police

A woman in France was so impressed with the lip sync video created by the Middletown police department that she made arrangements to have doughnuts delivered to the department Tuesday.

Vera Slamka, owner of Central Pastry, the downtown business where part of the video was shot, said she received several phone calls from Helene Beaulieu, who lives in France. She mailed Slamka $50 in Euro or $58 in U.S. currency. So on Tuesday, Slamka packed three large boxes of doughnuts and had them delivered to the police station.

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Beaulieu had one stipulation: Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw and the canine featured in the video had to get one doughnut. In the lip sync video, Muterspaw is told there’s one doughnut left in the breakroom, but when he opens the box, he realizes the pastry has been eaten by the dog.

Slamka said Beaulieu wanted to thank the officers for their service.

Muterspaw said he ate one of the doughnuts Wednesday morning, just as the woman had requested.

Every time someone does something positive for the police, Muterspaw said he’s impressed and thankful.

“It’s amazing the spirit of people and how they do things like this for us,” he said. “It may seem small to them, but it’s huge for us and we really appreciate how much fun she had with the video.”

The Middletown video has been one of the most watched lip sync challenge videos in the U.S., according to the city.

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