Beat the cold with these winter cocktails

The best cocktails for winter are the ones that warm you while bringing out hints of seasonal flavors, including allspice, cinnamon, cherry, honey and ginger.

Here’s a list of the freshest cocktails being poured to whet your winter palate this season.

Century Bar, 10 S. Jefferson St.

You can still find all the classic cocktails here, including the Old Fashioned and over 120 unique bourbons, but the 72-year-old bar has a new specialty craft cocktail menu with over 25 unique pours.

The Seelbach — made with bourbon, a sugar cube, bitters, triple sec and champagne — is garnished with an orange peel and served in a champagne flute.

The New York Sour — made with egg white to add frothiness — is not too tart and finished with an orange slice, Luxardo Maraschino cherry and red wine on top for a punch of color.

The Clover Club — also made with egg white for a silky texture — features gin, real lemon juice and grenadine.

Coco’s Bistro, 250 Warren St.

Bar manager Nikolas Hunt explains how the bistro creates its own variations on classic winter cocktails.

The bar has a Spiced Mule on its winter menu — it’s like a Moscow Mule but with cinnamon added. The classic Bee’s Knees turns Vanilla for the winter with a vanilla bean honey syrup and fresh grapefruit.

The featured Algonquin Sour, made with pure maple syrup from Covington, Ohio, includes a red wine float for winter.

The Black Walnut Old Fashioned features black walnut balsamic syrup from nearby Ghostlight Coffee. “Rich layers of flavors … and the heat from the alcohol kind of warms you,” Hunt says.

Lily’s Bistro, 329 E. 5th St.

At Lily’s Bistro, it’s all about being “fresh, fun and seasonal,” says Emily Mendenhall, general manager.

The winter menu features a hot Harvest Moon, the bistro’s apple pie moonshine and brandy drink; a Gingerbread Dark N Stormy with Kracken spiced rum; and an Apparition with Campari, an Italian aperitif, and Cherry Heering is so good it will disapper before your eyes.

“For all those flavors you want in wintertime,” Mendenhall said.

Salar, 400 E. 5th St.

A favorite cold-weather ingredient used in drinks at Salar is Allspice Dram, says bar manager Justin Simmons.

“Its clove, nutmeg, allspice berry and cinnamon flavors make for delicious drinks and it’s super versatile,” he says.

The seasonal Lawroom cocktail features St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Dewar’s blended Scotch and Cherry Heering. “There’s a lot going on in that cocktail and it evolves as it goes on.”

Simmons says the lounge likes to “reinvent the wheel” and therefore doesn’t stray away from the spirits like rum and tequila traditionally found in summer.

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