Sawdust & Stitches in downtown Waynesville, Ohio. PHOTO / Stephanie Coates

10 can’t-miss spots to eat, shop and explore in Waynesville

Did you know that just south of downtown is the Antiques Capital of the Midwest? 

The Village of Waynesville is home to a rich history spanning from its founding in the late 1700’s to its place on the Underground Railroad and into the merchant destination that it is today. 

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A traditional layout, the squares offer a variety of antique stores, home-style restaurants, specialty shops, and even a record store. It’s hard not to fall in love with the country feel and eclectic character. If you’re looking for a Main Street to peruse, Waynesville will not disappoint. 

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Sauerkraut is served on everything, including pizza, at the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville. The operators say they are ready to cancel this year’s festival unless the village sets aside new rules.
Photo: Staff Writer


The Sauerkraut Festival: drawing one of the largest festival crowds in the Dayton area, this event kicks off fall and has become a tradition for local families to attend. The food draws thousands annually to delight in the wonderful world of sauerkraut. But, if that doesn’t entice you, the hundreds of other craft and food vendors will. Held Oct. 14-15, 2017, at 10b N. Main St., Waynesville.

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The Hammel House Inn, 121 South Main Street: any village touting a vibrant past also comes with a haunted story to tell. If you dare, a stay at this B&B is a must. The restaurant is worth a visit as well. 


Holly B's Sweets, 33 South Main Street: a playground for anyone with a sweet tooth. Watch as they batch up fudge, hand dip caramel apples, and cover pretty much everything in chocolate! 

The Village Family Restaurant, 144 South Main Street: the epitome of homestyle dining. This restaurant, in the center of the village, has been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner for over 30 years. Regulars recommend the hot shot, but check their website for specials including Polish sausage with house made ‘kraut.

Bentino's Pizza, 140 South Main Street: don’t let the size fool ya, this place packs a serious punch. Stop by for pizza and a beer or pasta and a bottle of wine. They bake hometown pride into every bite. 

Stonetown Coffee, 195 South Main Street: it doesn’t get much better than this quaint roastery and cafe on the edge of town. The passion for quality and freshness are equal to the creativity of this Waynesville favorite. Ice cream and milkshakes share a menu with a full range of coffee drinks. Try out the Iced Mocha Toddy! 

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Sawdust & Stitches in downtown Waynesville. PHOTO / Stephanie Coates


Lilly's Corner Mall, 105 South Main Street: in what was the Miami Theater building and Kirkpatrick Garage, this place is a dream for antique hunters and curious shoppers alike. Just don’t get lost among the 7,000 sq. feet of treasures! 

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The Dame & Dandy, 30 South Main Street: charm and style are overflowing in this vintage clothing and home decor shop. Check out the whimsical and quirky artwork. Try on a fun outfit. Chat up the lovely owner, Val. 

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Katherine's Web, 174 South Main Street: not just a stop for artisans, weavers, and knitting fanatics. This store carries beautifully crafted supplies and yarn, sells equipment and supplies, and offers lessons to anyone interested in learning how to use the spinning wheel. (Other class options available, too.)

Waynesville Music in downtown Waynesville. PHOTO / Stephanie Coates

Waynesville Music, 56 North Main Street: every magical small town has a record store -- this is a fact! Browse and play until your musical heart is content. 

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Pioneer Village at Caesar's Creek, 3999 Pioneer Village Rd.: transport yourself to the 1800’s and wander through cabins, shop the General Store, and walk to the covered bridge.

Chapel in the Woods at The Secret Garden in Waynesville. PHOTO / Stephanie Coates

The Secret Garden, 4107 E. St. Rt. 73: after adoring their fun lawn decor or checking out the gift shop, you can walk through their beautiful gardens and follow the pathways to the Chapel in the Woods. 

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