3 of the best fishing spots in Dayton


When it comes to finding the perfect spot to dip your line in the water and take part in a timeless summer pastime, Dayton has plenty of options.

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With the Great Miami River, its tributaries and other waterways of the Five Rivers Metroparks, a fisherman is sure to find what they’re looking for, no matter how seasoned they may be. And if you’re not sure what you’re looking for because you’re brand new to the sport, the Five Rivers Metroparks staff is ready to help you find your sea (or Miami River) legs.

“I teach fishing classes and I have adults coming in all the time saying this was the first time they ever went fishing and it was wonderful,” said Kelly Kingery, Outdoor Recreation Program Specialist at Fiver Rivers Metroparks.

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Fishing can be the perfect balance of relaxation mixed with a little bit of exercise brought to you by nature.


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“We were talking about what a good workout it is because you’re fishing, your enjoying nature, but you’re still working on footing, still getting this nice core workout, even though it’s a subtle one,” Kingery said about wading a mild current while fishing.

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According to the experts, here are a few of the most visited spots where Daytonians are baiting their worms.


1.) Eastwood Lake & Blue Lake

If you prefer to float on your boat while waiting for a bite, the depths of Eastwood Lake and the neighboring Blue Lake make them a perfect destination. Deeper water means cooler water, which often means bigger fish! The lakes are also occasionally stocked.

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2.) Englewood Metropark

When high rains cause the Miami River to flood, water and aquatic life spill over into the North Park Pond in Englewood Metropark. After the water recedes back into the river, fish are left behind, creating an ideal fishing habitat.

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3.) Huffman Lake

The views at Huffman Lake draw in many kayakers. Fly fishing from the comfort of a kayak is a popular choice at this popular fishing location.

A complete list of where to fish in the Dayton area and how to get started is available on Five River's website.

Note: Fishing regulations and license requirements vary among waterways. Check posted signs or contact Five Rivers Metropark's help line at 937-275-PARK before you fish.

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