Did you know that there’s a Rick and Morty at this mural wall in Dayton?


"Rick and Morty" fans were GEEKED when the Rickmobile made a stop at Maverick's Cards and Comics in Kettering on Sept. 19.

The 25-foot long, 8-foot wide and 12-foot tall vehicle celebrating the animated series ‘Rick and Morty’ was in town as part of the show’s “Don’t Even Trip Road Trip Around America.”

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If you weren't part of the lucky few who got to actually see the Rickmobile in real life, there is still a way to get your photo op (and you won't even need a portal gun).

It just so happens that there's a 'Rick and Morty' mural in Dayton!

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The Stop-N-Lock self storage facility at 3636 Linden Ave. in Dayton is a giant canvas for artists — and apparently at least one of them is a "Rick and Morty" fan.

Spanning several buildings, a variety of art can be viewed from the bike path that runs alongside.

In one area, Rick, true to his character, is reasoning with Morty on graffiti etiquette, “Look, Morty, you can’t just paint this wall without buffing, quit being a toy!!”

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“Oh jeez Rick! I didn’t know only toys do that,” is painted in a speech bubble from a nervous looking Morty, in response.

A little bit further down the wall, walking away from Linden, a minimalist looking Mr. Meeseeks is sandwiched between other paintings and tags.

You can almost hear him saying, “I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!”

The mural wall is constantly changing, as new artists put their stamp on it, so get there before it’s gone!

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