Heater and Gem are the Dragons' beloved mascots and love to have a good time with fans. They especially like playing tug o' war.
Photo: Contributed photo
Photo: Contributed photo

How to make the most out of a Dayton Dragons game

Going to a Dayton’s Dragon game is a one-of-a-kind experience, but one thing’s for sure -- whether you’re a baseball fanatic or someone who’s less enthused about the sport, a game at Fifth Third Field has something for everyone.

Here's how to make the most of it.

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Be entertained 

The team’s primary mascots Heater and Gem will be all over the stadium to keep you entertained. Bring the kids to stop to say hello, get a picture or give a hug -- these lovable characters are always ready to spend a little time with you. 

Coolest of all: you can play tug-of-war with them on the field. If you win, you’ll take home a Dragons t-shirt.

The following signature elements of the Dragons experience will return for another season in 2017. 

  • Toddler Races 
  • Retirement Village People 
  • Mini-Dugout Dancers 
  • Dragons Drumline 
  • Dragons Organist Jimmy Keys

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The Green Team
The Dragons have their own entertainment staff, which works to keep you hyped up and on your feet throughout the game. The Green Team organizes the in-game skits, a Dragons fan favorite. The skits are family-friendly, funny, and best of all, get you involved. Get ready to dance or reach for a T-shirt.

Special guests
The Dragons feature national entertainment each season that you should definitely check out. 

National entertainment acts have been booked to perform at 11 Dragons games this season at Fifth Third Field. 


BirdZerk! will make his return to Fifth Third Field on June 3. BirdZerk! is well-known for skits that revolve around pranks on players and umpires and acrobatic, synchronized dances. In 2008, BirdZerk! was named as the top minor league baseball promotional act by CNBC sports business columnist Darren Rovell. 


The Russian Bar Trio is a Canadian group featuring Marco Diekmann, Christine Bedard, and Yves Gagnon. Initially part of a circus company, two members of the group carry a 30-foot long, 4-inch wide Russian Bar, while the third performs acrobatic flips in the air and lands on the bar. Since appearing on Seasons 3 and 11 of America’s Got Talent, the trio has performed at festivals around the world, NBA half-time shows, and worked for several circus companies, including Cirque du Soleil. They will be at Fifth Third Field on April 30. 


The Jesse White Tumblers are known worldwide and have been performing since 1959. Their acrobatic show has been part of two Presidential Parades and has been seen in numerous NFL, NBA, and MLB stadiums. They will perform at Fifth Third Field for the second straight season on May 21 and August 6. 


The ZOOperstars have become a fan favorite at Fifth Third Field based on past performances. These hilarious inflatable characters are based on sports figures with an animal resemblance, such as Ken Giraffey, Jr., LeBronco James, and Nolan Rhino. The ZOOperstars will perform on June 4. 


The Xpogo Stunt Team is the top pogo performance team in the world, flying nine feet in the air and engaging the crowd with flips and tricks. They will visit Fifth Third Field on July 1. 


The Team Zoom Canine Entertainment group is already a fan favorite at Fifth Third Field. These unbelievably athletic dogs will perform death-defying leaps and unique tricks at incredible speeds. They will perform four times this season at Fifth Third Field, entertaining Dragons fans on May 18, June 1, July 21, and August 17. 


Jake the Diamond Dog is one of the most original acts in baseball. Jake will be delivering the game ball to the pitcher, shagging foul balls, taking water and towels to the umps, playing batboy, and catching Frisbees. Jake will be at Fifth Third Field to assist the Dragons on July 9. 


More than peanuts & beer
Hungry? The stadium has plenty to eat whether you’re snacking, need a cold drink or in the mood for something big and hearty. 

Dragons fans will have an assortment of new food options to enjoy during ballgames this season. Items added to the menu include a crispy chicken sandwich, spicy chicken sandwich, smoked corn on the cob, elephant ear, and pizza burger. A wide assortment of Gluten free options will also be available, including sandwiches, snacks, beverages, and desserts.

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...But of course, BEER
Don't miss the selection of 10 different craft beer selections at Milano’s Tap Room. The selections rotate throughout the season, and the space has a distinctly local feel modeled after Milano’s -- think big screen TVs, high-top tables, wall decor and a bar. It also has mixed drinks, fountain sodas and domestic 16 oz. cans, as well as peanuts by the bag.

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Dragon swag
Be sure to take home some gear from the Dragon’s Den gift shop. It’s got something for everyone: t-shirts, jerseys, golf shirts, hats, logo baseballs and mini bats.

What to do before & after the game?
With its downtown location, Fifth Third Field is a prime spot to check out a few places before or after the game. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Brixx Ice Company (500 E. First St.). Need a drink? Grab a cold beer and some pub food at this Dayton staple, which is a pre- and post-game fave for Dragons fans. If you’re brave, try the doughnut burger (hey, don’t knock it till you try it!).
  • Proto BuildBar (534 E. First St.) is one of the coolest “hacked” spaces in all of Dayton. Considered a creative, tech-oriented “makerspace,” you can use the 3D printers to print an object of your choice (a mini Eiffel Tower, an iPhone case, even a pair of shoes if that’s your thing). Want to build something? Grab one of their maker kits. They’ve also got light food offerings, beer and coffee.
  • Dayton Beer Company (41 Madison St.) This European style beer hall and brewery is just a block away from the stadium and recently added Second Street Pizza, who make some delicious looking pies and subs.
  • The Southern Belle Tavern (134 N. Patterson Blvd.) A great place to shoot some pool and knock a cold one back.
  • Riff Raff Tavern (130 N. Patterson Blvd.) This blues-themed bar offers up food and drinks in an eclectic atmosphere.
  • 2nd Street Market (600 E. Second St.) is a great place to eat within walking distance of the stadium. Enjoy food from a local vendor, have a seat and chow down. You could even do some light shopping while you’re at it. Hours are 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays and 8 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturdays.
  • RiverScape MetroPark (111 E. Monument Ave.) is a great place to take in the sights and go for a walk along the river. If you’ve got extra time to kill, consider taking a short hike or bike ride (you can rent them directly from RiverScape’s bike hub).

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