Introducing: The Dayton Bike Trail Hamburger Challenge

Credit: Sarah Franks

Credit: Sarah Franks

For more than 100 years, fans of Miamisburg’s iconic Hamburger Wagon have driven from out of town to get their hands on a bag of the sliders.

Well, we’re challenging Dayton to a different method of transportation that could even potentially increase your Hamburger Wagon satisfaction. Introducing, the Dayton Bike Trail Hamburger Challenge.

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The Dayton-area has one of the most bicycle-friendly communities in the region. It’s one of the reasons the Gem City is considered the Outdoor Recreation capital of the Midwest. So we’re combining the city’s love for good eats and enthusiasm for cycling.

Reminder, The stand is open 11 a.m to 5 p.m. seven days a week right now, and social distancing orders are in effect.

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The challenge is this:

• Hop on the Great Miami River Trail bike trail anywhere near the Downtown Dayton area. There are many access points, including an easy on ramp at Riverscape MetroPark. You can see a complete map of the Great Miami River Trail, here, as well as get additional bike trail information.

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• The ride to Miamisburg will be approximately 12.5 miles, depending on where you begin your journey toward delicious food. There is a convenient stop on the bike trail just about halfway in West Carrollton, where bikers can fill up on water, use the restroom and just get some shade.

• As you make the trek that, depending at the speed you cruise at, will take somewhere around an hour and 15 minutes, just remember the greasy, satisfying award that waits for you at the end.

• The Hamburger Wagon is just a short ride off the trail once you’ve reached Miamisburg. On most days of the week, the Wagon will be waiting for you at 12 E. Central Ave. in the downtown area.

The Hamburger Wagon is an excellent craving satisfier when you’re just wanting some delicious greasy food. Add an out-and-back 25-mile bike trip to the experience and your hunger is bound to be doubled.

If you complete the challenge, send us pics from your ride and your Hamburger Wagon feast to and we would love to share your adventure with the rest of readers.