They’re back! ‘Faerie Houses’ return to Dayton nature center — and they’re a magical sight to see

Faerie gardens like this one at Aullwood Gardens back in 2016 are back. (Source: Facebook)

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Faerie gardens like this one at Aullwood Gardens back in 2016 are back. (Source: Facebook)

There’s an extra hint of magic in the Dayton-area right now. Faerie magic, to be exact.

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm has once again installed a series of six beautifully crafted and realistic faerie houses for guests to marvel at. For three years, Aullwood has rebuilt and used the Faerie Houses of Aullwood exhibit as a creative way to promote their mission of promoting the protection of birds, wildlife and the habitats on which they depend.

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The houses will be on display during Aullwood’s regular hours, now until the park’s closing on Sunday, September 2nd at 5 p.m. Members of Aullwood and National Audubon Society are admitted to this exhibit at no cost, while nonmembers pay regular Aullwood general admission fees.

The two to three feet-tall houses are all nestled along the Birds, Flight and Wrights Trail near the Marie S. Aull Education Center, giving guests a serene experience of stumbling upon enchanting faerie homes while walking through nature. Each year, there is a theme in mind while constructing the houses.

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"Each of this year's faerie houses was designed and constructed to house a specific pollinator. Guess which pollinator should be paired with each house and a prize awaits ... To participate, stop by the front desk at the Marie S. Aullwood Education Center and pick up your Faerie Houses of Aullwood answer form. Begin your adventure by going outside to the nearby Birds, Flight and the Wrights Trail, taking a left and looking for the house at marker #1. Continue on to the other houses from there, marking your answers on the form as you go. Finally, return to the front desk to check your answers. If you have answered all the questions correctly, you win a prize!" according to Aullwood's Facebook page.


What: The Faerie Houses of Aullwood

When: Through Sept. 2 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily (1-5 p.m. Sundays)

Where: Aullwood Audobon Center, 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton

Cost: General admission is free for children 2 and under, $5 for children 3 to 11, and $7 for adults 12 and over.

More info: Facebook

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