4 reasons to visit Troy

When people think of Troy, they often think one thing: the annual Strawberry Festival in early June.

While this festival has always been an important part of the town and its history, there is so much more to see and do. We’ve rounded up four really great reasons why you should make a day of it.

1. Troy's Main Street – Downtown Troy has it all! From shopping to dining, this is the prime spot for a daytime adventure. If you visit the Public Square downtown, you will always find something going on from Troy Streets Alive special events, to summer concerts downtown and more.

2. Troy-Hayner Cultural Center – It's easy to spend hours here. This gorgeous, historic venue is popular among the wedding community, but that's not the only thing that goes on there. If you're into educational cultural exhibits, cozy movie nights and a fun music series, this is the place to be. They even have their own art studio attached to the back of the house, and throughout the year they host multiple art classes including drawing, painting, pottery and an array of fine crafts.

3. Fulton Farms – Fulton Farms is largely responsible for supplying Troy with their delicious strawberries every year. Although locally-grown produce is their specialty, The Farm Market, located inside the barn, houses the retail side of the farm. There is Americana décor and preserves galore. In the spring, they have a greenhouse in the back full of colorful flowers.

4. Brukner Nature Center –  Brukner Nature Center is a thrill for outdoorsy types. There is a combination of wildlife, Ohio history and trails for hiking, which makes this a great place to go exploring. Check out their events and programs – Bird Hikes and Family Discovery Days are held every month!

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