4 AMAZING chip-and-dip combos in Dayton

What’s better than a tasty chip? The dip you smother it in, of course. Head to one of these Dayton-area eateries for some of the best dip you’ve ever tasted.

We're not exactly sure about the secret blend of ingredients, but the Herbie dip is nothing short of amazing. The dip, which seems to be a blend of house dressing and creamy dip, comes with chips alongside sandwiches on the menu. While you're trying the dip, you might as well pair it with a fantastic sandwich like the pulled pork on pretzel bun.

Where: The Trolley Stop, 530 E. 5th St., Dayton

Price: Varies, depending on the sandwich you order. We recommend the pulled pork.

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2.) French Onion Dip

Sure, Tank's is known for its famous burger, grilled cheese and chili. But if you ask me, the real star of the menu is the homemade French onion dip served up with wavy chips. It's so simple, yet so addicting. You can get your dip solo or get it as a side to a burger or sandwich. Wash it down with a cold beer and experience true happiness.

Where: Tank's Bar & Grill, 2033 Wayne Ave., Dayton
Price: $5.29 for an order of chips and dip. For 99 cents, you can add dip to eat with your burger and chips or sandwich and chips.

Credit: Photo by Sheri Sine

Credit: Photo by Sheri Sine

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3.) Queso Fundido 

This signature favorite from our top-voted Mexican food spot features spicy Spanish pork sausage with a blend of creamy, melty white cheese sauce. Their bean dip ($5.20) is also incredible.

Where: El Toro Bar & Grill, various locations

Price: $6.95

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4.) Creole Cheesecake 

This savory blend of andouille sausage, smoked Gouda, cream cheese, onions with red and yellow peppers gives you a flavor experience unlike any other. The combination of French and southern flavors make this dip a MUST try served with warm pita chips. Don’t forget a refreshing beer to wash it down!

Where: Jimmie's Ladder 11, 936 Brown St., Dayton

Price: $9.50

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