Are you a bacon fiend? Then you’ve got to try this insane ‘Triple Bypass Burger’

We’re always on the lookout for great burgers and all things bacon. That’s why we were drooling when we saw the menu for Buckin’ Donkey’s new location at 2866 S. Dixie Dr. in Kettering.

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The restaurant and bar, which opened officially this week, brought over most of the familiar favorites of its old location to their new menu. 

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Among those favorites is the Triple Bypass Burger. The specialty burger is easily one of the most popular on the Buckin’ Donkey roster, according to the staff, and is a bacon fiend’s friend. The fresh 7-ounce patty is a mix of both ground beef and bacon. But that’s only the beginning.

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Both a strong heart and appetite are needed to take on the Triple Bypass Burger.
Photo: Jim Ingram

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Once cooked to order, the burger is topped with cheese, even more bacon, a fried egg and any of the usual toppings you’d like. It is a monster of a meal and comes with your choice of sides. We chose the fresh-cut fries. This is the type of burger you could split with a friend, however, the fired egg is going to make it messy no matter how you attack it.

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