Can you eat your way through Dayton’s ‘Burger Bermuda Triangle’?

Now here is a vortex to another dimension burger lovers would love to be trapped in.  

Some of Dayton’s best burger joints are within a few short miles of each other. 

We are calling it Dayton’s Burger Bermuda Triangle (just use your imagination, kids). 🍔 

You can find four mouthwatering hamburgers that won’t break the bank but will send you to another plane of consciousness.

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You might bust a gut, but it is technically possible to eat at all four places in the same day. 

Here are the stops:


2033 Wayne Ave., Dayton

937-252-2249 | | Facebook 

Tanks a lot! The Tankburger at Tank’s in Dayton features a half-pound beef patty that’s more than three-quarters of an inch thick. We selected Pepper Jack cheese and a kaiser roll to make ours extra good. CONNIE POST/STAFF
Photo: Connie Post

WHY IT WILL SUCK YOU IN: The half-pound Tankburger is just part of the story. 

Juicy, thick and grilled just right, Tank’s burgers can be served topped with nothing or a laundry list of items at no additional cost. Banana peppers and horseradish, anyone?

Menu includes: Cheeseburger, $7.69; Hamburger, $7.49; Tankburger (half-pounder), $8.99 (double the patty for $4.99) and Tanksters sliders (3), $6.99.

836 Watervliet Ave., Dayton

(937) 258-1222 | www.slyderstavern.comFacebook

Slyder's Swiss bacon cheeseburger with fries. (Photo by Amelia Robinson)
Photo: Amelia Robinson

WHY IT WILL SUCK YOU IN : Winner of our 2018 Best of Dayton contest (and a repeat winner), the burger made with meat from Dot’s Market is packed with flavor and is the pride of Dayton’s Belmont neighborhood.

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It was a favorite of Dayton Daily News’ Leadbelly Boys (remember them?).

Menu includes: Hamburger with chips, $6.05 (7 oz.) and $6.75 (10 oz.); Cheeseburger with chips, $6.45 (7 oz.) and $7.15 (10 oz.). You can also make it a bacon cheeseburger or a mushroom swiss burger. You can order any burger in the girlie size (5 oz.) and save 50 cents.

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703 Watervliet Ave., Dayton 

(937) 252-5125 |  Facebook

WHY IT WILL SUCK YOU IN: Angie’s burgers gives Slyder’s a run for its money with its list of handcrafted burgers. 

They range from the spicy 5-Alarm Burger to the Stuff Burger. The latter is the restaurant’s version of the cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy, a favorite in Minneapolis. 

Menu includes: a regular burger and chips, $7.99; 5-Alarm Burger and chips, $8.99; Stuff Burger, $8.99; The Black and Blue, $8.99 and The Bad Lieutenant (burger smothered in cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce and topped with onion straws, $8.99.