Samoas is one of the Girl Scout Cookie flavors that will go into "Zombie Balls." File photo by CONNIE POST
Photo: Connie Post
Photo: Connie Post

Deep-fried ‘Zombie Balls’ come in 3 flavors, & you can taste them this weekend ONLY

A local restaurant has created a dessert utilizing Girl Scout Cookies, vanilla ice cream, and a deep-fryer, and it will host a charitable fund-raiser this weekend around the special dessert offering it calls “Zombie Balls.” 

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Zombie Dogz restaurant on Brown Street adjacent to the University of Dayton will devote 100 percent of the sales of Zombie Balls this weekend, April 7-9, to a charity that is assisting those affected by the Flint, Michigan water crisis. 

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“We are literally so excited for this, we can't hide it,” Zombie Dogz owners David and Lee VanArtsdalen said on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “We've kind of got this new ‘thing,’ or idea we just can't shake and have been wanting to do for quite some time now.” 

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“What we are doing is making vanilla ice cream balls and rolling them in processed Girl Scout cookies and then deep-frying them up, with delicious toppings ... We've chosen three different flavors to go with and they are: Samoas, Thin Mint, and Dosidos.”

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“100 percent of the sales from the sales of our ZOMBIE BALLS will go straight to the charity ...  We are making a limited amount of each flavor, but enough to hopefully raise $500 to send to Flint.”

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 The former-food-truck-turned-restaurant at 1200 Brown Street recently announced several additions to the menu, including salad options and “Cake Push Pops.” 

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