George's Family Restaurant: good food, good prices

I’d like to say I found this restaurant, but truth is, this little treasure has been literally right in front of me since 1994.

I found myself with a Saturday morning to myself, so my mother decided I would be taking her to breakfast. She knows I loathe big chain breakfast options, so I suggested we try George’s Family Restaurant. Located at 5216 North Dixie Drive, it’s just south of Needmore Road and easily accessible from I-75. 

Though the restaurant was crowded with many people enjoying their breakfast, we were able to sit without a wait. We were greeted right away and offered beverages before we had a chance to sit. Several customers must have been regulars, since I heard servers asking, “Do you want your usual?”

The breakfast menu had a large selection, as well as some great senior selections which offered smaller portions. I planned to get the half-waffle, and was happy to have the option of the smaller waffle. Sadly, the waffle maker was broken so I went with my second option: French toast made with Texas toast, topped with powdered sugar. As if that wasn’t sweet and sugary enough, I treated myself to hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. I would for sure be in a sugar coma within the hour.

My mother decided on the Senior Pancake Feast, which came with one pancake, one farm-fresh egg and a choice of two strips of bacon or one piece of sausage. We also tried the grits, which our server highly recommended. While we waited, our server came back to check on us and noted that we were new to George’s. She brought us a carryout menu and a 10% off coupon for our next visit. One item of note on the carryout menu was broaster chicken, which she assured me was the best in Dayton. She also pointed out the Hot Shot sandwich, stating it was one of the few places you could still find this culinary treat. 

The food was served piping hot, and the warmed syrup was a nice touch. The little things add up, and this may quickly become my go-to breakfast place! The food was tasty, the prices were great and the portions were sizeable – so sizeable, in fact, that we ended up with two carryout boxes.

Our server, Cathy, asked if we’d be back to see her again. We said without a doubt, and sure enough, my mother took my father there for breakfast the next morning (that 10% coupon couldn’t wait!). He raved about the biscuits and sausage gravy and said it reminded him of breakfast on the farm.

I’m not sure why it took me 21 years to try this place, but I will be stopping for broaster chicken in the very near future.  The carryout menu advertises “Here at George’s – You’re Not Just a Customer – You’re Family.” I for one certainly felt like it. So go try George’s, and tell Cathy I said hello.

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