Here’s where to get the very BEST burgers in Dayton

Not all burgers are created equal.

You guys proved that in last year’s Best of Dayton poll, when you voted for your all-time favorite burgers to get around town.

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We’re sure you’ve tried the rest, but now, have one of the best for National Cheeseburger Day today, Tuesday Sept. 18.

1. Slyder’s Tavern 

This isn’t the first time Slyder’s topped the list, and it likely won’t be the last. The 65-plus-year business in Dayton’s Belmont neighborhood consistently appears on — and often tops — ‘best burger’ lists. Heck, we’d put it up against the state’s top burgers, too.

As Joe Garnito, the tavern’s fifth owner, explains better than we can, there is good and simple reason the burgers are so damn mouth-watering and juicy.

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2.  Five Guys

This fast casual burger joints wasn’t a chain founded in Dayton, but there clearly is a very loyal fan base of local devotees.

The eatery’s stripped-down menu includes burgers and hot dogs, veggie and grilled-cheese sandwiches and, of course, fries. Toppings, which are free, range from ketchup and mustard to jalapeno peppers. The average check for a meal of a single-patty hamburger, fries and a drink, weighs in at $8.75.

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3. Watermark Restaurant

GET your burger fix for the holiday weekend NOW.

Posted by Watermark Restaurant on Friday, May 25, 2018

The couple behind a locally-owned restaurant made a leap of faith when they officially opened Watermark at 20 S. First St. in downtown Miamisburg on Monday, Sept. 25 of last year.

Maria and Eric Walusis closed their first restaurant, Nibbles, but kept the same new American and global cuisine flavor influences on their new menu at Watermark.

This up-and-coming new restaurant ranked as a finalist of the Best of Dayton 2017 poll for Best Burger.

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