Beignets are among the items Lily's Bistro will serve at the Taste of All Things Oregon District. (Source: Facebook/Lily's Bistro)

Lily’s Bistro celebrates 5 years with porky feast including candied bacon & bacon fat beignets

One of Dayton’s favorite farm to table eateries, Lily’s Bistro, will celebrate its 5 year anniversary this week with “The Whole Beast Feast”

The restaurant’s chefs brought in a whole hog from Keener Farms this week and have been breaking it down and utilizing all of the parts respectfully and resourcefully, according to a press release sent to this news organization. 

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“This is going to be a ‘nose to tail’ meal, which means we’ll be utilizing every possible part of the animal...” Emily Mendenhall, owner of Lily’s Bistro said.

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“We'll start with a local whole hog from Keener Farm that we will be butchering in house, and the menu will have everything from house stuffed sausages to pressed terrines and candied pork belly with bacon fat beignets.”

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“A lot of people can be intimidated by things they haven’t tried before, and we’re hoping to help people understand that just because you haven’t had something doesn’t mean it’s not delicious,” said Executive Chef Jansen Trotman of Lily’s Bistro. 

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“I was born in Trinidad, and one dish I’m very excited about is based off a traditional ‘souse,’ which is a dish that uses pickled components like cucumbers along with parts of an animal that are overlooked in some cultures. I’ll be using the pork knuckle from around the trotter of the hog as well,” he said. 

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Lily's Bistro will host a Rum Night as part of its 5 year anniversary celebrations on Saturday, June 23, featuring special cocktails and the Sailor Jerry Girls giving away merchandise. CONTRIBUTED

In addition to Thursday’s The Whole Beast Feast, 5-year anniversary celebrations continue with Happy Hour specials all night long on Friday, June 22, and Rum Night on Saturday, June 23, featuring special cocktails and the Sailor Jerry Girls giving away merchandise.

Then, on July 12, Lily’s will host a counterpart 6-course dinner that is entirely plant-based for vegetarians and vegans. 

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The Whole Beast Feast costs $49, which includes tax and tip, and takes place at Lily’s Bistro on Thursday, June 21 at 6 p.m. Bar Manager Amber Brady is also planning an optional $14 craft beer pairing to spotlight a number of local and Ohio-made beers.

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Want to go?

WHAT: The Whole Beast Feast at Lily’s Bistro

WHERE: 329 E. 5th St., Dayton 

WHEN: Thursday, June 21 at 6 p.m.

TICKETS: $49 (includes tax and tip) purchase via Eventbrite

INFO: Facebook