Bar 145/Reset Bar features live music as well as vintage arcade games and electronic board games. MARK FISHER/STAFF

More fast-casual: Local restaurant options continue to grow

Both fit into the new fast-casual dining trend that’s sweeping the nation, which we are continuing to see more and more of in our own market. Here are two others that I have visited recently that are big on atmosphere and convenience.

Bar 145

10259 Penny Lane, Miamisburg

(937) 859-3412

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your game … and Bar 145 is one of those kind of places.

Video game-themed bars and restaurants have been hot in larger markets for a while, and they are beginning to trickle into the Dayton region.

Bar 145 and its Reset Bar, which opened at Austin Landing at the end of last year is helping lead the 16-bit charge in this market.

Part of a Toledo-based restaurant chain, this is the ninth they have opened.

The food is standard pub fare — burgers, sandwiches, fries, salads — with a little step up in some places thanks to some savvy street tacos, craft mac and cheese, thoughtful BBQ “bones” like confit duck legs ($10.99), braised chicken wings (six for $7.99 and 12 for $11.99) and root beer-braised ribs ($13.99).

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The fried cheese curds ($7.99) are a nice option to exercise over an ordinary pile of cheese sticks and twists on the appetizer items you would expect to see like tempura pickles ($5.99) and house-made pork rinds ($5.99) are a nice surprise.

The old-school 1980s arcade consoles scattered across the back room that are free to play are icing on the cake.

This place makes for a fun evening if you are looking to do something a little bit different that won’t break the bank.

BIBIBOP Asian Grill applies the concept of Chipotle to Asian cuisine. CONTRIBUTED
Photo: Contributing Writer

BIBIBOP Asian Grill

1200 Brown St., Dayton

(937) 307-0826

BIBIBOP — which is just really fun to say over and over in a sentence, as many times as you can — takes a process similar to the one Piada and Chipotle use, building a bowl or a burrito or a salad and choosing toppings proteins, and sauces to dress up.

The ingredients are basic and healthy with a fast food prep that is inspired by recipes and flavors from Korea.

Here it is in the company’s own words: “In August 2013, our dreams became reality and we were finally ready to bring the bold flavors and healthy ingredients of South Korea to Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by the traditional Korean dish bibimbap, meaning ‘mixed rice,’ we sought to blend time-honored Asian flavors with classic American favorites to create a dish everyone would love. From the time we opened the doors to our first location, our fresh food and quality service caught on in our community and quickly spread like wildfire. Since then, we’ve grown to dozens of locations across the nation while maintaining our commitment to bringing WELL BEING to all the communities in which we set up shop. Our goals of strengthening our neighbor and enriching the lives of our team members remain as true today as the day we were nothing but a fleeting dream.”

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These are fresh ingredients served up your way that will feel very familiar based on other dining you have done in the past. Wait in line, get what you want at a nominal price.

It’s healthy, quick and priced right — which depending on the crazy day we have had at work, or the hurry we are in generally, is about what we want.

There’s a reason the world is going more fast-casual, after all.

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