5 must-try foods at Dayton’s Root Beer Stande

Classic, greasy American food. Most of us crave it at some point. 

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So what’s wrong with a little cheesy, cholesterol level-peaking indulgence now and then? We’ve already told you about the Dayton gem that is The Root Beer Stande on Woodman Dr. It’s a classic piece of Americana dining with an impressive menu. But here are five things you have to try when you visit -- though we don’t recommend them all at once.   

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It doesn’t get much more patriotic than this. This Nathan’s all-beef dog is served with bacon and nacho cheese, topped with pickle fries on a poppy-seed bun. As you eat this wonder, you’ll realize that nacho cheese and hot dogs were meant for one another. 

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Celebrate your freedom to eat all things tasty with the 'Merica Dog. (Contributed)

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Two beef patties loaded with extra bacon, with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, all held together with a generous portion of melted cheese. The delicious greasy burger is alive and well in Dayton. 

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Supreme Bacon Burger: Two patties covered in bacon and smothered with melted cheese. (Jim Ingram)


Like a little heat with your dog? The El Diablo is your next challenge. It’s a beef dog smothered in chili and onions with jalapenos and ghost pepper cheese. You have to try it just to see if you can handle the fire. 

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Can you handle the heat of the El Diablo? (Contributed)


The hot dog your cardiologist warned you about, this features a dog wrapped in bacon and then deep fried. It’s topped with chili, onions, mustard and cheddar cheese. You may feel a little guilt, but you won't care. 

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The "D" could be for "delicious". (Jim Ingram)


It’s just inconceivable that you would visit The Root Beer Stande and not partake in their signature item. Served in an old-fashioned frosty mug, everything is right with the world while you sip this sweet, refreshing indulgence. 

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It doesn't get much more refreshing than a classic root beer float. (Contributed)

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