Pub's delicious steak sandwich could start a revolution

Flanagan's hopes to set a trend with its solar sandwich. Video by Amelia Robinson and Jim Ingram

Sometimes a sandwich is far more than just a sandwich. 

That is the case with the Solar Sandwich at Flanagan’s Pub, 101 E Stewart St., Dayton. 


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Owner Colin Pohlman said the sandwich could lead to a revolution.


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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Flanagan’s Solar Sandwich will help the tavern install rooftop solar panels at a cost of about $38,000.

The panels will pay for themselves in a matter of a few years by cutting the pub’s energy bill, Pohlman said, and they are good for the environment.

adddddSolar Sandwich at Flanigan's Pub in Dayton.'s Jim Ingram and Amelia Robinson tried the sandwich. Photo by Amelia Robinson

“It is a good long-term investment,” he said. “Hopefully it will start a trend around here.” 

He estimated that he’s just a few St. Patrick’s Days and good financing away fom his goal.  


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As for the sandwich, it comes on thick toast with tender chopped steak, provolone, cheddar and nacho cheese.

Don’t let the nacho cheese scare you away. The sandwich is a tasty must try. 

“It is pretty addictive,” Pohlman said. “Pretty unhealthy.”