6 of the best cheesesteaks in Dayton

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We look at some of the best cheesesteaks in Dayton area.

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Shortly after signing the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776, Ben Franklin made the first cheesesteak sandwich among his many great contributions to mankind. Okay, that’s not true. But there is no debating the cheesesteak is a great invention nonetheless.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania claims the delicious combination of ribeye, cheese, peppers, onions, and often mushrooms, was created in Philadelphia in the early 1930s.

The most popular story holds that hot dog restaurateurs Pat and Harry Olivieri created the steak sandwich, which in turn became so popular at their South Philly Italian Market stand, Pat opened up his own restaurant, Pat's King of Steaks. The idea to add cheese (provolone to be precise), came sometime in the 40s by one of Pat's managers.

But the Dayton area has its own contributions to the great cheesesteak lore as well. So we asked readers for some of their favorites, and we found no two cheesesteaks are the same. So, to butcher a Franklin quote, either make something worth eating or eat something worth making.

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Submarine House 
1137 Brown St., Dayton | 937-222-7939
3598 Salem Ave., Dayton | 937-274-1755
8807 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton | 937-387-0388

This perennial favorite among Dayton diners comes in three sizes on homemade bread. Ingredients include homemade oil and vinegar dressing and pepper relish. Submarine House holds a yearly cheesesteak challenge for the biggest of appetites. Contestants vie for $1,000 in a tournament to see who can take down a 16-inch cheesesteak the fastest…and keep it down.

Milano's Atlantic City Submarines (multiple locations)
1834 Brown St., Dayton | 937-222-7072
9572 Springboro Pike, Miami Twp. | 937-434-7827
2260 N. Fairfield Rd., Beavercreek | 937-427-7827
7701 Voice of America Centre Dr., West Chester | 513-755-8700

Another local longtime favorite, Milano’s first opened its doors in the shadow of the University of Dayton on Brown St. in 1969.  Their cheesesteak comes with the usual fixings under melted provolone, and includes their own blend of special seasonings, which are absolutely mouthwatering. The sandwiches come in two sizes: half and whole. I wasn’t man enough for the whole, and the half looks to be about eight inches, so order accordingly.

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DT's Kitchen is a newcomer to Dayton's cheesesteak scene.

Credit: Jim Ingram

DT's Kitchen is a newcomer to Dayton's cheesesteak scene.

Credit: Jim Ingram

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DT's Kitchen is a newcomer to Dayton's cheesesteak scene.

Credit: Jim Ingram

Credit: Jim Ingram

DT's Kitchen 
2920 Wayne Ave, Dayton | 937-949-9602

A newcomer to the area, DT’s Kitchen offers a 10-inch cheesesteak piled high with meat, three kinds of peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and banana peppers on the side. They mix things up a little with mozzarella cheese and their own secret seasoning. The bread is also buttered and toasted. Owner Darcy Tucker let us into his kitchen to watch him build this beast (see video).

Chicago Gyros and Dogs 
3979 Indian Ripple Rd., Beavercreek | 937-705-6072

Who said a cheesesteak has to be on a bun? Here they serve it up with gyro meat with all the traditional accoutrements wrapped in a pita. Ben Franklin couldn’t have foreseen this.

Super Subby's (multiple locations; select locations below)
5558 N. Springboro Pike, Dayton | 937-293-6933
4814 N. Main St., Dayton | 937-276-4644
8924 N. Dixie Dr., Dayton | 937-898-0996
1831 E. Stroop Rd., Dayton | 937-298-1048

Speaking of doing things differently, Super Subby’s makes their cheesesteaks using layers of thinly sliced meat, with oil, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce, and provolone cheese in three sizes. Mushrooms are available upon request.

Full disclosure: I’ve loved these since I was a little kid and can never convince myself to stray elsewhere on Subby’s menu.

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Penn Station East Coast Subs (multiple locations; select locations below)
5558 N Springboro Pike, Dayton | (937) 293-6933
4814 N Main St., Dayton | (937) 276-4644
8924 N Dixie Dr., Dayton | (937) 898-0996
1831 E Stroop Rd., Dayton | (937) 298-1048

 This chain started out in 1983 as Jeffrey's Delicatessen at the Dayton Mall by Miami University grad Jeff Osterfield. He eventually changed the name and moved the headquarters to Cincinnati. Penn Station has grown to more than 300 locations nationwide.

They offer five sizes of their popular traditional cheesesteak with pizza sauce and spicy brown mustard as additional options. The bread is hearth baked and topped with premium butter-flavored oil exclusively for Penn Station stores.

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