On the Menu: Sizzling grub at Song’s Sushi Korean & Japanese Cuisine

In this case, the menu does not  lie.

The spicy pork at Song’s Sushi Korean & Japanese Cuisine comes out both spicy and sizzling for $14.95 on the dinner restaurant and $8.95 for lunch.

With its grilled tender sweat and spicy meat, onions and sesame seeds, the dish, Daeji bulgogi in Korean, is also so delicious. 

The ample skillet served with white rice and six Korean sides  is just one of several traditional Korean meals worth a try on the packed menu.

Song’s opened a  5516 Airway Road in Riverside, a free-standing building on the west edge of the Page Manor shopping center, just after the beginning of 2015.

The spot had long been occupied by China’s Best. It seats about 70. There was no wait on a Friday night.  

Dayton area native Josh Kim, a waiter at the restaurant partly owned by namesake Song Amburn, said it is the emphasis on traditional dishes that set the restaurant apart.

He favors the popular Bulgogi, grilled and marinated sliced beef  served in a sizzling skillet ($14.95 dinner or $8.95 or lunch).

Fried squid legs and mayonnaise sauce at Song's Sushi. (Photo: Amelia Robinson

If you are looking for something light, he suggested the yaki mandoo, deep fried dumplings, as an appetizer ($3.95).

My dinner companion and I went for fried deep fried squid legs witha spicy mayonnaise sauce. It is a calamari-like dish popular in Japanese restaurants.

On an early lunch visit, I played in the Korean sides (banchan),   including spicy and sour kimchi, marinated bean sprouts, fish cakes, radish  and pickled radish. Each bite was delightfully different. 

Korean side dishes at Song's Sushi. (Photo: Amelia Robinson

For good measure, we tried Song’s sushi, a Spider Roll and the Playgirl.  

Both rolls were good, but it is the Korean food that will call us back to the restaurant for another adventure.

It was a tasty adventure.

The   Spider Roll and the Playgirl Roll at Song's Sushi. Delicious Korean sides can be seen in the back.  (Photo: Amelia Robinson