The Bison and Boar Chili Dinner is one of the entrees offered on the restaurant's new comfort food menu. The chili includes slow cooked bison and boar with a rich medley of beans, spices and vegetables. Served with a side of scratch made cheddar cornbread. CONTRIBUTED

There’s a new, unexpected place to get comfort food in the area 

When you think steakhouse, you might automatically assume it’s synonymous with fine dining. 

But a relatively new steakhouse to the Dayton-area is changing that perception by offering a new, comfort-food focused menu.

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The Bison and The Boar introduced an assortment of comfort food dishes that are as unique as the steakhouse offerings they’ve become known for. 

The Potato Crusted Cod and Tavern Chips is one of the entrees offered on The Bison & The Boar's new comfort food menu. The dish is a version of a classic, fish and chips, served with a side of charred apple slaw and house-made tartar sauce. CONTRIBUTED

The new comfort food menu, which includes appetizers, entrees and desserts, is offered in addition to its steakhouse menu, and is meant to deliver a variety of more affordable dishes to the restaurant’s guests.

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“I look forward to introducing these new offerings to our diners,” said Don Warfe, The Bison and The Boar’s Executive Chef. “From the Porknado Nachos to our Bison and Boar Chili, there’s a lot to love on this menu.”  

The Surf and Turf Meatloaf Dinner is one of the entrees offered on The Bison & The Boar's new comfort food menu. The meatloaf is bacon-wrapped and served with lobster mac and cheese and country-style green beans. CONTRIBUTED

The Bison and The Boar is best known for prime cuts of bison, boar, steak, seafood and more. The comfort food menu is built on this precedent by featuring comfort food that includes multiple budget-friendly options. It will include entrees such as the Surf and Turf Meatloaf Dinner, Potato Crusted Cod and Tavern Chips, and a Classic American Cheeseburger. New desserts range from the Holy Moley Cinnamon Rolley to Crème Brûlée with fresh fruit. 

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“It’s very important for us to provide the highest quality dishes at a reasonable price,” Warfe said. “Our new comfort food menu encapsulates this idea with a number of options available for less than $10. Whether you’re in for a quick bite or want a lavish dinner, join us for an amazing night!” 

The Holy Moley Cinnamon Rolley is one of the desserts offered on The Bison & The Boar's new comfort food menu. It is a house made cinnamon roll, baked fresh and served hot, topped with whipped cream cheese frosting and garnished with spun sugar. CONTRIBUTED

Are you ready to try it out? Reservations are always encouraged and can be made by calling the restaurant at (937) 839-4500 or visiting their website.   

The Smoked and Porter Braised Short Rib is one of the appetizers offered on The Bison & The Boar's new comfort food menu. The short ribs are smoked and slow cooked in porter beer, served over cheddar polenta cakes with charred apple slaw. CONTRIBUTED