Local bakery is changing the cake and donut game in a spectacularly delicious way

If you’ve noticed Huber Heights smelling a little sweeter this past week, it’s thanks to Amy.

Manager of the Huber Heights Donut Palace location, Amy White, has been cooking up some seriously creative treats for donut and cake lovers alike — cakes made entirely from the same indulgently decedent batter that Donut Palace uses for their donuts.

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White has been throwing the idea for donut cakes around almost since she began managing at Donut Palace in January. After taking some private orders and doing a few weddings, the cakes were such a hit that White said she made the decision to take the reigns and go all-in on making donut cakes as of last week.

Credit: Amy White

Credit: Amy White

“There are no bounds to what we can do with a donut,” White said.

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The overwhelmingly positive feedback Donut Palace has received from the cakes has prompted some “really nice combinations” customers have concocted themselves. White said any donut flavor or ingredient that catches a customer’s eye can be translated into either a quarter or half-sheet sized cake in any shape, for any occasion.

Some memorable bakes White couldn’t help but rave about were a pumpkin maple cheesecake donut cake with maple filling, cream cheese icing and topped with pecans and maple drizzle, a mocha donut cake, a peanut butter and chocolate filled donut cake with peanut butter icing and a peanut butter and jelly powdered donut cake.

Credit: Amy White

Credit: Amy White

“I just play around. I’ve always been a foodie and this is just second nature,” White said. “To see my doughnut babies come to life has been everything.”

Donut Palace has two locations — 5115 Old Troy Pike in Huber Heights and at 5264 Salem Ave. in Trotwood. While the shop is still working on fine tuning their donut cake ordering process, White said customers can still order a customized cake at either location. Cakes will then be made at the main bakery in Huber Heights.

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Not only does the Donut Palace manager showcase an impressive knack for creative baking, she requires very little time to whip up a made-to-order cake.

Credit: Amy White

Credit: Amy White

“I only need about a two-day notice for a cake order. Balloons, a happy birthday card and decorations go out with every order to make your experience that much more special and unique,” White said.

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