A six-ounce patty with bacon in the grinde is complemented with deep-fried onions, special sauce and American cheese.
Photo: Jim Ingram
Photo: Jim Ingram

Voltzy’s has a ‘Trump Burger’ -- and here’s what’s on it

Whether you like him or not, there’s no denying President Donald Trump is a celebrity -- and a polarizing one at that. 

Voltzy’s Hamburger & Root Beer Stand in Moraine has been a Dayton-area institution for nearly 30 years, and during that time, owner and cook Rick Volz has commemorated celebrities in his own special way with a burger dedicated to them. 

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Voltzy's Hamburger & Rootbeer Stand has been celebrating/lambasting the famous and infamous for nearly 30 years.
Photo: Jim Ingram

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From the mammoth, 14-pound Bill Clinton Divorce Finale Burger, with a half-pound of onions and 20 slices of cheese on a one-pound bun for $100 (if you eat it in an hour or less, it’s free), to the Yuna Lee Burger -- named for the former WHIO reporter, Volz keeps his eye and spatula on current events.

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Rick Volz, owner and grill master of Voltzy's in Moraine.
Photo: Jim Ingram

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His latest creation is the Donald Trump Burger, which is a six-ounce patty with bacon in the grinder placed atop a bed of deep-fried onions, sweet mustard and horseradish sauce and topped with American cheese

The sweet and spicy sauce compliment the beef and bacon mixture, with the onions giving it just a little extra sweetness. The cheese brings it all together for a yuuuuuuge taste.

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WHAT: Voltzy’s Rootbeer Stand

WHERE: 4668 N Springboro Pike, Moraine

INFO: Facebook

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