Voltzy's Root Beer Stand in Moraine will reopen next week.

Voltzy’s Root Beer stand reopens today

Voltzy’s Root Beer Stand — which has been shut down while owner Rick Volz recovered from surgery — reopened today, Oct. 11.

Plans call for Voltzy’s to be open today, Wednesday and Thursday this week and again next week from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. If all goes well, Volz will start opening on Mondays as well in the following weeks. He advised customers to phone in their orders at (937) 299-1440.

“I’m fired up about it, and I’m anxious to get back to work,” Volz told us last week. Addressing his customers, he added, “Please come on in and let’s get this ball rolling again — and be patient with us.”

Shortly after noon, we found Volz manning the grill, preparing burgers and sandwiches for a backlog of orders.

“The phone calls started at 9:30 a.m.,” Volz said. “We’ve been busy.”

Later, Volz emerged from the kitchen to greet some of his customers dining at picnic tables. He acknowledged being a bit fatigued, but his familiar banter showed no signs of it.

“Is this your first time here?” Volz said to an unsuspecting newbie. “Hell, I’ve only been here for 28 years. What the hell were you waiting for?”

The popular eatery at 4668 Springboro Pike in Moraine closed in May, just prior to its busiest summer months, when Volz entered the hospital for foot surgery. At the time, Volz was hoping the layoff would last for only a few weeks. But the surgery was more extensive than anticipated, and the restaurant has remained closed while Volz recuperated.

Voltzy’s is known for its burgers, house-made soups, slaw dogs, coneys and root beer floats — but also for the larger-than-life personality of its owner, who greets customers by name and delivers good-natured insults in rapid-fired banter.

Volz said he’s not completely healed, but is doing better.

“I’ve sat on my ass for four and a half months now, and I’ve gained 12 pounds,” he said. “It’s time for me to start cooking again.”

A GoFundMe effort named “Voltzy’s Recovery” launched by Connie Lambert West generated contributions of nearly $6,000 to help Volz with his medical bills.

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