The “Peddler’s Noodles” from Ramen Rickshaw food truck paired with a beer from Dayton Beer Company. Contributed photo by Alexis Larsen

What you must get from ramen noodle food truck

This isn’t the ramen noodles you probably lived off of in college.

We’ve been hearing all the buzz around the Ramen Rickshaw food truck. I recently was able to try it out and can confirm that all the fuss is much deserved.

Run by Korge Mori, a Springfield firefighter, this Ramen is the real-deal.


The Ramen Rickshaw menu is small, but mighty. There are two types of Ramen, a Japanese chicken curried rice packed with chicken, potatoes and carrots over a bed of steamed white rice and a Japanese pan fried rice dish with bacon, eggs, peas and carrots, seasoned with a special Ramen Rickshaw blend of sauces.

The “Peddler’s Noodles” Ramen is the crown jewel — a special recipe pork broth that has been simmered for 12 hours, packed with a heavily seasoned minced pork, spices and sesame, ginger and soy. The broth itself is a layered, complex and captivating concoction that you will wish you had more of when your meal is over.

The miso and soy Ramen is a vegetarian-friendly option that begins with a traditional kombu broth, then layered with roasted spices and seasoned with umami-rich miso, sesame and soy.

Both Ramen choices and their wonderful broth counterparts come heaped with a mess of sun wheat noodles and are finished with a green onion garnish and your choice of toppings off the menu.

The 16-ounce ($6) comes with one topping of your choice, 24-ounce ($8) with two toppings and 32-ounce ($10) comes with three toppings. More can be added for an additional cost.

Options are a delicious handmade pork dumpling ($1.50), a 2-ounce marinated pork tenderloin ($1), a 1/2 hard-boiled egg ($.50), 1/2 a marinated soft-boiled egg ($.50) or seasonal greens sautéed in butter ($.50).

Customizing your soup with these add-ons is a wonderful touch.

All are terrific choices, and everything is made from scratch. Loading your soup up is definitely the way to go, and don’t skimp on the greens as they are one of the best parts.

The 16-ounce portion is filling, substantial and priced right, but the 24-ounce soup is probably the right choice if you’re feeling at all hungry.


A visit to one of Ramen Rickshaw’s social media accounts ( or is probably the best way to track this truck down on the weekends.

Often they set up at a local brewery like Dayton Beer Company, Yellow Springs Brewery or Eudora Beer Company. Pairing the food with a beer from one of these craft draft spots only enhances the delicious meal that awaits. The black IPA from Dayton Beer Company was a recent choice that was a perfect match.