The famous strawberry donuts fund-raiser at the Troy Strawberry Festival helps benefit Troy schools music programs. (Amelia Robinson/Staff)

Where to find a special-edition strawberry donut sundae

One of the most famous treats at the Troy Strawberry Festival will have a starring role in a special dessert from a beloved Troy ice cream shop this weekend.

Ducky’s Snowballs & Ice Cream will be dishing out limited quantities of a special strawberry donut sundae in celebration of this popular treat from the Troy Strawberry Festival.

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The donuts are traditionally the top-selling treat at the annual festival that supports non-profits in Troy and surrounding areas. You won’t regret the long line you will surely have to stand in over at Troy Memorial Stadium (visitor’s side) to get these goodies.

Trust us, they are worth it.

These donuts are perhaps one of the greatest Troy Strawberry Festival traditions. The donuts will be sold by the Troy Music Boosters for $10 a dozen and will help benefit Troy schools music programs.

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Ducky’s is an under-the-radar ice cream/shaved ice destination located in Troy. Ducky’s specializes in snowballs (shaved ice flavored treats), ice cream and milkshakes.

Ducky’s is located at 100 W. Market St. in Troy.

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