Your taste buds will love this pad thai

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WHAT: Thai 1 On food truck

INFO: Facebook: /Thai1On

What’s a nation without a national dish? The Brits have fish and chips, the French have crepes, and Mexico, its mole poblano. Canada takes pride in poutine and Germany boasts about bratwurst.

For Thailand, it’s pad thai. The country’s so crazy about its national dish, two years ago the government unveiled a robot – called the e-delicious machine -- to taste a pad thai dish and compare it to a pre-determined standard. The hope is to stomp out bad pad thai around the world. doesn't have an e-delicious machine to test the pad thai from Thai 1 On's food truck. We have something better: our staff. We use our highly refined culinary prowess to test what's out there to steer you to food worth your hard-earned dollars.

The pad thai serving was the size of a mountain, loaded with rice noodles made slurpy with fish sauce, citrus and other spices.

The spice levels are lil bit, medium, hot and Thai spicy. I asked for hot and was pleased with the amount of chili pepper heat packed in every bite. Order it veggie for $6, chicken for $8, shrimp for $10 or a combo of chicken and shrimp for $12. Me? – I got the shrimp and counted six nice-size pieces.

To cool off my tongue, I also ordered the Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice dessert for $5. It’s like a fruit cobbler, but more exotic. It won’t surprise me if I dream about this dessert, it’s so good.

My favorable experience at Thai 1 On isn’t unique. On its Facebook page, the mobile restaurant has a rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5, based on 60 reviews.