Photo: Sarah Franks
Photo: Sarah Franks

The 7 friends you need to shop for at this downtown botanica

It happens to the best of us — you’re eating a peaceful brunch in the Oregon District, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, and all of a sudden you notice it’s your dear friend Cristina’s birthday. 

You panic. Cristina has never forgotten your big day and her gifts never seem last minute. That’s when you remember Luna Gifts & Botanicals is right around the corner, filled with knick-knacks that have Cristina’s personality written all over them. 

Now that Cristina’s birthday is saved, here are seven other friends who you can find the perfect gift for at Luna.

1. For that extra sweet friend who loves plants 

Photo: Sarah Franks

Your plant loving friend won’t believe their taste buds when they bite into one of these sweet treats. 

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2. For that friend who always has their head stuck in the clouds

Photo: Sarah Franks

These funky little ‘air plants’ only need light, a little bit of water and an equally funky pot or hanger to stick it in— no soil is necessary. Your friend will be dying to fill the rest of their home with these guys after you start their collection with an air plant from Luna.

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3. For the coffee-loving friend who’s always giving you horoscope advice

Photo: Sarah Franks

Your favorite Capricorn or Gemini in your life will have stars in their eyes when they see this mug.

4. For the friend who’s been extra stressed 

Photo: Sarah Franks

This essential oil diffuser is the perfect gift to any friend who needs to unwind. It’s like a hug that fills their entire room!

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5. For the friend who always remembers their wild dream from the night before 

Photo: Sarah Franks

Not that you don’t adore hearing your friend attempt to decipher their dream aloud for the thousandth time, but this gift might give them a hint. 

6. For the friend who needs to update their poster collection

Photo: Sarah Franks

If you’ve been begging one of your friends to ditch her high school posters that make your eyes sore every time you visit, these aestetically pleasing nature posters are sure to do the trick.

7. For the friend who loves surprises 

Photo: Sarah Franks

Hidden at the bottom of each of these dreamy candles is a crystal waiting to be discovered. 

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WHERE: 261 Wayne Ave, Dayton


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SUN: 12:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

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