July 1st is Blue Ice Cream Day. Kings Island is celebrating. What to know about the theme park's famous blue ice cream.

The story behind Kings Island’s blue ice cream and why it will be celebrated this weekend

In 1982, Kings Island rebranded the Enchanted Voyage dark ride to the Smurf's Enchanted Voyage.

As a tie-in with the new theme, the park debuted a new food item: Blue ice cream. 

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The blue ice cream — a blueberry soft serve — was an immediate hit and has become a staple treat at the park for the past 36 years.

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On July 1, Kings Island will celebrate this iconic treat on National Blue Ice Cream Day. The celebration will feature a number of specialty food offerings with a little touch of “blue” including:

  • Smoked chicken wings with blueberry BBQ sauce, and corn chips with blueberry salsa at turkey legs on International Street
  • Blue funnel cake with blueberry topping at International Street Funnel Cakes
  • Blue ice cream fudge, blue ice cream cotton candy available at the Sweet Spot on International Street

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There will also be a photo opportunity located near the Blue Ice Cream stand in Planet Snoopy. Share photos with your family and friends on Instagram using the hashtag #KIBlueIceCream.

Photo contributed by Kings Island
Photo: Jordan Sternberg

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Want to go?

WHAT: National Blue Ice Cream Day at Kings Island

WHEN: July 1 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

WHERE: Kings Island, 6300 Kings Island Drive, Kings Island

INFO: Call 513-754-5700 | Website