The Neon Theater

Credit: Facebook | The NEON

Credit: Facebook | The NEON

WHAT: The Neon
WHERE: 130 East Fifth Street, Dayton
HOURS: Showtimes
CONTACT: 937-222-8452
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Are you a fan of indie films? Then The Neon Movie Theater is your place for movies in Dayton.
The perfect place to watch unique, independent films that are rare in mainstream theaters, The Neon is also available to the community for event hosting and screening of locally produced films.

Located on 130 East Fifth Street in Dayton, Ohio, near the historical Oregon District, The Neon itself has a great deal of history.

According to Curt Dalton, author of, “When Dayton Went to the Movies”, The Neon opened on August 22, 1986. At the time it was called “Dayton Movies” and was the first motion picture house that had been built in sixty-four  years in downtown Dayton. It was also the first downtown theater in over twenty years to have been built in a major city in the United States. Dayton Movies opened with Gone With the Wind.