Tattooed man allegedly branded his ex-lover with a fork and horseshoes

A man from Bluefield, W. Va., has been hauled in for malicious wounding and domestic assault pictures surfaced proving he branded a former lover of his.

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Ervin Harold, whose age has not been disclosed, allegedly held a woman he was “romantically involved with” against a wall on Aug. 22 and branded her twice with a horseshoe and once with a fork using coat hanger and candle wax.

The woman had to be treated at the hospital for her injuries. Detective J.B. Fox with the Bluefield Police Department says he saw photographs of the woman’s burns and confirmed there was “a fork burnt into the victim’s skin, as well as two horseshoes.” The brands were visible on the victim’s chest.

Police said that the victim’s mother gave a statement that Harold burned her daughter but did not explain why. Authorities also said Harold and the victim are now “split up after this incident.”

There is also a record of a previous domestic incident involving him and the same woman dating back to March. As of Tuesday, Harold was being held on $10,500 bond at the Bluefield City Jail.

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