Tom Cruise appears injured on ‘Mission Impossible 6’ set

Tom Cruise appeared to be injured in a video of him on the set of "Mission Impossible 6."
Tom Cruise appeared to be injured in a video of him on the set of "Mission Impossible 6."

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Tom Cruise appears to have been injured on the set of "Mission Impossible 6," according to video obtained by TMZ.

Footage posted on TMZ Sunday shows the 55-year-old actor attempting to do a stunt that required him to jump between two buildings. Cruise was strapped into a safety device during the stunt but fell short when he jumped between the buildings.

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Cruise can later be seen lifting himself up on the other building with the aid of a harness and limping off and collapsing following the accident. He limps to the edge of the building and is pulled back by the safety team before limping off-screen.

The extent of his injuries isn’t known.

In 2015, the actor told "Entertainment Tonight" about a moment he had while performing his own stunts on the set of "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation." In that film, Cruise's character clings to the outside of a plane, a stunt he performed himself.

“The morning came, and I’m strapped onto the side of that airplane and I’ll never forget, I kept telling the pilot, I said, ‘Listen, man. When you’re climbing out you’ve got to make sure, because I want my feet against the fuselage. I want that steep climb,'” Cruise said. “With an airplane, you got to really know the weight, the balance, the numbers -- it’s a very powerful, beautiful airplane and I really appreciate they did this.”

A representative for Cruise and Paramount, the studio for the movie, have not commented on the video.

Video of the stunt can be seen at

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