Falcons season ticket holder for 51 years headed to Super Bowl

The anticipation is almost over for Atlanta Falcons fans ready for Super Bowl Sunday.

One woman has been waiting 51 years for the Falcons to win a championship.

Linda Lee Tourgler bleeds red and black. She has had season tickets 51 years, since the team's inception.

"And all of a sudden who knows why the Lord blessed me so much that the woman he gave me had season tickets to the Falcons," Chuck Tourgler said.

Linda Lee Tourgler says her father's best friend gave them four season tickets 51 years ago.

She's kept them through some lean times.

"I can remember when I wore a bag over my head in F.C. stadium. But I am proud of them," Linda Tourgler said.

She won the ticket lottery and she and her husband are going to the Super Bowl.

"They call it the brotherhood but I think it's just the unity of the team," Linda Tourgler said when asked what helped get the team over the hump this year.

They moved to Florida, so they drive seven hours to home games.

"She goes, 'There's one thing I'm not going to give up: my season tickets, so you're gonna have to drive up,'" Chuck Tourgler said.

It will make it all worth it when the Falcons win the Super Bowl, they say.

Linda Tourgler says she doesn't foresee giving up her tickets soon. The couple already has season tickets in the new Mercedes Benz Stadium.

"I just love it. I love it. It's in my blood," she said.