Bengals may want ‘Colin Kaepernick’ after big loss to Houston, rumor has it

The Cincinnati Bengals' season got off to a disastrous start with the team's loss to the Houston Texans on Thursday 13-9. With the defeat, a rumor involving former quarterback and free agent Colin Kaepernick surfaced on at least one football website.

Apparently some Bengals players want the team to consider signing Kaepernick. Kaepernick has remained unsigned and critics and supporters alike believe it's because of his silent protests as a San Francisco 49er over the police shootings of unarmed black men. Kaepernick spent most of the season kneeling during the national anthem, but there's no hard evidence that he remained unsigned because of the protest.

The Bengals locker room was reportedly engulfed in a so-called “mutiny” after the embarrassing loss to Houston, which led to the firing of offensive coordinator Ken Zampese.

ProFootballTalk, a news and rumor website that focuses on the NFL, also suggested A.J. McCarron could supplant Andy Dalton as the starting quarterback if the offense continues to struggle.

It's a just a rumor at this point. There's no real substance to the report, just something fans are keeping an eye on if things go south for the Bengals in Green Bay next week.


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