Teams named for 2018 World Flying Disc Championships in Warren County

The list of teams from around the world competing in a world championship to be decided next year in Warren County has been announced, according to the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) Championships is to be be held at the Lebanon Sports Complex, as well as a handful of other facilities within Warren County.

Exact locations beyond the Lebanon Sports Complex are still being finalized.

The tournament is scheduled to be held July 14 to July 21. The Lebanon complex is at 900 McClure Road.

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The list includes 128 teams from 40 countries - 48 teams in the Mixed Division, 40 in the Women’s Division and 40 in the Men’s Division, totaling nearly 4,000 athletes in all.

The event is held every four years. City club teams endorsed by their national federations play for the championship.

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“We are excited to be hosting our largest premier event next year, the World Ultimate Club Championships, in the US,” Robert Rauch, WFDF president, said in a press release.

“We will be commemorating the 50th anniversary of the sport, which was developed at Columbia High School in Maplewood, NY in 1968. Moreover, with so much of WFDF’s growth in National Federations coming from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, it is gratifying to see so many new countries travelling to North America for the first time,” he added.


With just a few more national championships to be held, the team list is now almost complete. This list will remain provisional until a final list of teams is published with the schedule next year.

Warren County Sports, a division of the Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau (WCCVB), along with Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association, will manage the tournament.

Ben Huffman, director of sports marketing for the WCCVB, estimates the tournament will generate approximately $3 million in economic impact for Warren County, while also accounting for more than 10,000 room nights at local hotels and bed & breakfasts.

The World Ultimate Club Championships, first held in 1989, were last hosted in 2014 in Lecco, Italy, where they featured 3,800 athletes on 129 teams from 39 countries.

The provisional list is available here:

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